CV Review and Renew

Did you know, a recruiter takes on average 10 seconds to make a decision on a candidates suitability?

Are you confident enough in your writing and selling skills to design a CV with eye catching, clearly formatted, engaging content?

If you have answered NO, then look no further...... we can design a CV that not only summarises your past experiences but clearly sets out what you can do for your NEW EMPLOYER.

It is a team effort when you choose to purchase our CV Writing Service. As you are the one who will be representing it in front of an interview panel, not us. If it doesn't sound or connect with you, then we simply have not done our job in producing a CV that clearly represents and highlights your unique key skills and experiences.

We conduct a FREE consultation at a time that suits you and use your responses to produce a professional, personalised CV to increase your chances in securing the role you desire.

Cover Letter or Personal Statement

Do you know how to interpret Job Descriptions or Person Specification documents to be able to produce a Cover Letter or Personal Statement?

Luckily for you, we do! We can produce a Cover Letter or Personal Statement that instantly grabs the recruiters attention, creating a positive and confident image of you and a desire to want to meet you whilst highlighting what you can offer in addition to the requirements of the vacancy you are applying for.

We strive to ensure that the work produced is as unique as you, the prospective candidate. As you are the person sitting in front of a interview panel, not us!

We offer a FREE consultation at a time that suits you to find your unique selling points and more about you as a candidate.

Let us work our magic to produce a professionally written and engaging Cover Letter or Personal Statement.

No CV, No Problem!

Whether you have been fortunate enough to never have needed a CV to secure employment opportunities or if you are starting out in your employment journey we can help you!

We will organise a FREE consultation with you and ask you a series of questions. To fully understand your specific requirements, to allow us to create a bespoke package for the role and industry you would like to enter.

Have no fear, we are here to HELP,  we will guide you throughout the process of consolidating information which will highlight your unique skills and experiences to a prospective recruiter.

Job Application Form Completion Service

Over the last ten years, there has been a steady growth of online application forms being used by recruiters.

One of the reasons for this increase is, due to organisations receiving speculative CV's and Cover Letters in large quantities on a daily basis.

Plus, by using their own Job Application forms they are able to create a document that will allow them to gain answers to specific questions they want answered, not just a collection of information an Applicant decides to provide.

A Job Application form, allows you, the candidate to not simply detail your work history and qualifications to date but it is your chance to demonstrate your personality and confidence in your knowledge and skill set.

Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us, as we can ensure that you are highlighting and selling yourself to the recruiter and teach you how to improve your responses for current and  future vacancies.


Linkedin Profile Review and Renew

With more than 500 million professional profiles, creating an unlimited supply of potential network connections and job opportunities. Having a Linkedin Profile is an important part of being considered to be a fully fledged professional in any industry.

We can review an existing profile with the aim of achieving the All Star Profile Status, awarded by Linkedin. This award enables users to increase their chances of receiving Job and business opportunities through their profile. Jobvite website conducted a survey and found that 94% of recruiters use Linkedin to source and assess a candidates suitability.

Don't have one? We can set one up for you and ensure that you stand out from the crowd of professionals.

Pre Interview Support and Guidance

"Well done.... that's great news!" is one of the many messages you receive from friends and family on hearing you have been selected to attend an interview.

Initial shock, elation can quickly change to apprehension and sheer panic.

Even the most confident, self assured candidate can feel a little daunted at the prospect of an impending interview.

The mind can play tricks on us especially when a candidate really, really wants the job or worse they are a perfect match on paper to the vacancy.

We sympathise with this, believe it or not, we have experience of being the candidate and participating in being on the Interview Panel and trust us, the level of nerves are no different on either side of the table.

With our help, we can ease nervousness, provide you with tips and tricks on how to present yourself in a confident, competent and professional manner.

Depending upon your individual needs, we are able to provide you with a programme of role play activities and reading materials to use for future reference.

Career Coaching

Various studies in the media have proven when we are fulfilled at work, our overall health improves and like a domino effect the pieces fall into place. But, how do we find fulfilment when we have internal and external restrictions and potential hurdles to jump through?

It is never too late to make changes in your career path, but it is imperative to talk to a Career Coach who can guide you through the process of making the change in direction work for you.

We have Career Coaches on hand to closely work with you to provide personalised, advice, support and guidance to map out how this change will work for you by discussing the short and potential long term sacrifices you may make.

We focus on and highlight your unique transferable skills and experiences to attract your new employers attention. Including designing a plan and strategy to support and guide you.