Why choose Help My CV Melanie? 

Apart from having the skills and knowledge to be able to assist you in achieving your goals of gaining employment.

We offer a unique service in that each person you come into contact within our Team has experienced redundancy, contracts being cut short and communicating with recruiters and agencies to find suitable employment and how demoralising the whole process can be if you do not have the right tools and knowledge to secure suitable employment.

We understand and sympathise more so than other providers and strongly believe that this level of understanding truly gives our services the personal and professional touch that our competitors can not offer.

We have successfully gained a positive and competent reputation for all our services and the majority of our business comes from word of mouth and we find this to be a great indicator when it comes to measuring the success of our services.

Are you able to produce CV and Cover Letters in other languages? 

Unfortunately, no we are unable to offer this option. However, as we have received requests for specific languages. We may in the future be able to invest in a translator and offer this service in the near future.

Can I come back to Help My CV Melanie, if I need another copy or amend my CV? 

Of course! we love to welcome back returning customers. As its a virtual pat on the back for us!

Due to both GDP regulations and working on an individual basis with each service we offer, we have chosen not to save the work completed as it is unique to you.

Therefore, we would simply ask you to send, via email your existing CV to update or alter it to suit a specific vacancy.

Do I need to organise a face to face meeting with you to start the process for any of your services? 

As we are a small business, we try to keep our overhead costs to a minimum. Therefore, we provide all of our communication via email, telephone or Skype and not in person.

This allows the customer and us to be able to communicate at any time of the day and more flexibility with the above communication methods.

Why are your prices low?

As we have all experienced the horrors of trying to find employment either with some notice or none at all. We understand that our budgets and priorities have to change and accommodate a loss of income no matter how eager you are to return or find suitable employment.

We strive to ensure that our prices are competitive and enough for us to make a profit as all businesses do. However, we feel it is important to price our work within a reasonable range and anticipated amount for our services.

Price nowadays does not always equal quality or level of expertise in a particular field.

What information do I need to provide you with? 

It depends upon which service you would like to purchase. Feel free to reach out to us directly and we can explain the service and process involved in more specific detail.

Please be rest assured that we fully comply with the GDPR regulations and any other applicable legislation. To view, please click on the link https://helpmycvmel.co.uk/policy-information/

Where can I find a copy of your Privacy and GDPR policies? 

As a responsible service provider, please be rest assured that we fully comply with all legislation applicable to us. To view our policies, please follow this link, https://helpmycvmel.co.uk/policy-information/

How do I leave feedback?

We love to hear feedback from our customers, you can join the growing number of happy customers on either our Facebook or Instagram pages. Feel free to visit them via the following links, https://www.facebook.com/helpmycvmelanie/  Or https://www.instagram.com/helpmycvmelanie/

In addition to this, we have a page on Yell.com where recent customers have been sharing their positive experience with us. You can find our page via, https://www.yell.com/biz/help-my-cv-melanie-chester-le-street-9634526/

Do you have customer services?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services representatives are available to answer your questions 24 hours, 7 days a week. Simply reach out to them via our Website or through any of our Social Media accounts.