Employment rate at its lowest whilst over 50’s on a high

It has been reported that the Employment Rate is at its lowest level since the mid-1970’s at 3.8 percent. The number of people in work is 32.75 million which is an all time record despite the threat of economic uncertainty. Surprisingly, the growth in employment was almost entirely accounted for by the over 50’s. A grand total of 300,000 were added to the employment figures in the past 12 months. More than 10.5 million are now in work, the highest number ever.

Director of the Institute For Employment, Tony Wilson said ” We should celebrate these changes and the opportunities that an older workforce brings. But, it is important to remember many more older people want to work and still do”

Its important to acknowledge that not everyone in that age group wants to become retired or are in a position to do so. It has been proven through many studies for mental health and for conditions such as Dementia that it is incredibly important to have a purpose in life and to have an opportunity to use parts of the brain that can become redundant. Plus, for some it is the social aspect to having a job and the companionship that can bring to someone living on their own.

By incorporating the over 50 age group into the workforce, it will allow those under that age group to learn from personal experiences of how they have had to adapt over the years to changes in the work force and market place and to advances in technology and enrich fellow colleagues with life experiences that can not be taught in a classroom.

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