When Freelance workers get weird….

A Freelancer is someone who is self employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular Employer long term. Whilst this opens many doors to the person in question, it seems there is no limit on services being offered via freelancer.com website. Website Planet searched for the most bizarre services for sale and they found more than they expected.

They found a man who will “scream your name into a bush” for the grand total of £5. Apparently, no further details were given such as how many times within an hour your name would be screamed or whether you have to provide the bush or the Freelancer does.

Other unusual offers include “I will say anything as a horse”, “I will cover a song of your choice with puppets” and “I will draw you as a Mermaid”. Some Freelancers have decided to offer services for parting ways with Boyfriends or Girlfriends, apparently in a “creative way” which can include a hand written flyer listing the reasons.

Whilst it is hilarious that Website Planet were able to find such services out there and some may think it is ridiculous to offer them but clearly we have a lot of people who can think way outside of the box more so than the average Joe. Perhaps, they have all achieved to tap into a market that no one knew existed with the potential to grow. Who knows? where it could lead? Now, please……. excuse me whilst I practice speaking as a Cat….

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