Always losing your Key Fob or Work Keys?

A Swedish firm may have come up with a solution, an invasive solution I might add….

They have implemented their creation into 3,000 Employees across Europe and are in discussions with other businesses.

What is it? well, it is a microchip in your hand that can open doors and even pay for your lunch!

The microchip contains bio metric data as well as an ID card. It’s more common in the USA and was highlighted in the media as one technology company claimed a third of its staff were voluntarily chipped.

Trades Union Congress, General Secretary, Frances O’Grady commented, “We know Employees are already concerned that some Employers are using technology to control and micromanage, whittling away their Employees right to privacy. Micro chipping would give Bosses even more control and power over their workers. There are obvious risks involved and Employers might brush them aside or pressure staff into being chipped.”

I think there needs to be much more research into the advantages and disadvantages to both the Employer and Employee of implementing being micro-chipped. It would be beneficial to know why those 3,000 Employees agreed to being micro-chipped and the reason behind Employers investing in this type of technology. It would be interesting to find out, what happens when an Employee resigns and does the process of either injecting or removal of the microchip need to be supported by medical professionals or not?

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