Celebrating a New Job on Social media? Watch your language!

According to People Management Magazine, it has been reported a Twitter User celebrated her amazing achievement and opportunity of being selected for an Internship with NASA.

The User was on the National Space Council but made the mistake of using foul language to celebrate her achievement, her post said, “Suck my d*** and b***s, I’m working at NASA”

Due to the use of foul language and how this would reflect negatively on the professional and long standing respected brand of NASA, her internship was revoked.

It is imperative that whilst there is no harm or comeback from celebrating on social media this type of achievement. Job seekers must be aware that whilst the post is on their personal profile, it can be viewed by the wider public and your prospective Employer.

The importance can not be stressed enough that whilst social media is used for personal reasons to share photographs and videos, a Job seeker must make the decision on whether they would like a potential Employer to view it and to ask themselves how could this post be interpreted, positively or negatively? if you are ever unsure, it’s best not to post it online.

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