I’m leaving…. Goodbye!

We all know how uncomfortable and nerve wracking it can be when you have secretly applied for a role with another Employer and then you get the Job!

Great news, you celebrate with friends and family and discuss how you thought you didn’t get it or of when you stumbled on an answer. Dissecting what happened in the interview with them all. Then the conversation turns to, “so does anyone at work know? when are you going to tell them?”

You pull out your laptop and start typing up your resignation letter, quite possibly using Google to assist you with the wording and to ensure everything is included and you carefully work out your notice period.

Finishing it off with the usual “thank you for the opportunity of working within XYZ and for allowing me to develop and grow within the company. I highly appreciate all the support you have given me over the last xxx years.”

Moving on to going into work, organising a meeting with your Line Manager and informing him or her of your decision to leave…. can you feel the rush of anxiety and adrenaline of going through the process of moving on to another Employer?

Well, a Japanese company have fully understood the stress and enormity of the situation. Two childhood friends called Yuichiro Okazaki and Toshyuki Niino have started a company called Exit and it offers to take the stress out of quitting your Job, by doing it for you. They will phone up your Employer and will resign on your behalf for a fee of £339. Returning customers and part time workers will be offered an unspecified discount.

It is believed the business was created in response to the upturn in the Japanese economy prompting more women to switch Jobs. The company has already facilitated more than 700 resignations in the year it’s been running.

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